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Care for patients requiring donor sperm

Donor sperm may be recommended in various situations.

Oocyte donation

This special assisted reproduction technique is aimed at couples where the cause of infertility is an insufficient number of oocytes. The patient may also suffer from a genetic disorder. Ovarian insufficiency, which is generally rare under the age of 35, becomes more frequent in older women and is the main cause of infertility after the age of 40.

Embryo donation

Embryo donation is an assisted reproductive (AR) technique whereby a couple with supernumerary frozen embryos resulting from in vitro fertilization (IVF), with no further plans to have children, may donate their embryos to another infertile couple.  

Surrogate mothers

Since the end of the 1990s, the AR centre at the Saint-Pierre University Hospital takes care of couples in need of a gestational surrogacy (“surrogate mother”). This approach consists of transferring the embryos (obtained by in vitro fertilization) of the intended parents into the uterus of their surrogate mother. The latter therefore has no genetic link with the child. 

Care of infected patients

The life expectancy of patients affected by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has considerably improved in recent years thanks to the arrival of new therapies.  These therapies essentially combine three classes of medication and are commonly called “tritherapies”. One of their special features is to improve the patient’s immune system (the virus’ particular target) whose increasingly weakened state is responsible for the appearance of potentially fatal diseases, and another is to reduce the quantity of the virus circulating in the blood.


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