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Which administrative documents are required and what budget should be envisaged to begin an assisted reproductive procedure (IVF)?


For in vitro fertilization (IVF)


INAMI can intervene in 6 complete cycles (with oocyte retrieval) for each patient under 43 years old whether previous attempts led to a pregnancy or not.

INAMI covers medical acts such as consultations, ultrasound scans, blood tests, oocyte retrieval, embryo transfers, anaesthesia, hospitalisation, etc.


Nevertheless, part of the healthcare costs is covered by your health insurance fund. (third-party payment)


Document no.1: Request for laboratory costs (A2)

A request for reimbursement can be submitted for this intervention for the in vitro fertilization lab work (carried out by a gynaecologist working as an assistant or working in a hospital with an approved care programme for category B reproductive medicine)


Document no.2: Request for a flat-rate for medication (B4)

For the medication, there is also a flat-rate for the pharmaceutical specialities used for each of the 6 authorised treatment cycles.

A request must also be submitted to the health insurance fund.



The cost of an in vitro fertilization attempt depends on the length of the treatment, the therapeutic choices and the medication.

For instance, the cost of IVF for a couple covered by a health insurance fund and having received 2 authorisations is approximately EUR 500


  • Ultrasound scans  (+/- 5) ± € 50 
  • Blood tests  (+/- 6) ± € 60  
  • Flat-rate for medication ± € 55 
  • Egg retrieval ± € 50 at the one-day clinic
  • Embryo transfer ± € 25  


If you don’t fall under the criteria established by INAMI for this intervention, i.e., you don’t belong to a Belgian health insurance fund, you have had 6 IVF attempts in Belgium, or you are + 43 years old, you will have to pay :

  • the lab work (+/- € 1450)
  • the full price for the medication (+/- € 1000)
  • the ultrasound scans, blood tests, hospitalisation, etc.

It is therefore preferable to get in touch with the reproduction department to obtain an estimate adapted to your situation.


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