• * The center of assisted medical procreation of the CHU St Pierre is specialised in reproductive medicine. Reference center: quality label ISO 9001 obtained in 2008 and accredited by the AFMPS (Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et Produits de Santé).

The centre’s policy is to provide infertile couples with the latest treatments while respecting the legal, deontological and ethical provisions.


Code of ethics

Service organised in such a way as to provide comprehensive care according to the precepts of the WHO (World Health Organisation):

  • somatic
  • psychological
  • social

Listening to everyone with acknowledgement of an authorised uniqueness within a spirit of free appraisal and according to a reasoned practice.


Respect for the person’s social life through decentralised care.


Social organisation within the public network making leading-edge reproductive medicine available to and within the financial reach of everyone (IRIS network).


Discussion regarding the possible risks involved in reproduction in ethically and medically limited situations but according to conditions where the patient is fully informed of the situation (HIV, surrogate mothers, etc.).


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